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Born in New York, lived in Miami, and grew up in Boise, Idaho. Graduated High School in May 1987, and joined the US Navy. Traveled the World and have lived my life serving God & Country.

Author, Public Speaker, Advocate for the Less Fortunate & Marginalized, Elderly, Disabled, & Veterans.

Volunteer Work with The Guardian Ad Litem, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Homeless Coalition, St. Paul Farm Ministry, and other organizations.

Education & Experience in Ministry with LPMI, Theology with St. Leo University, Divinity with Liberty University, Customer Relations, Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, B2B, Public Service, Communications Ambassador, Communications with USF.

The Nodar Nation Radio Network is all about knowledge and awareness within the community and abroad. Sharing knowledge is the reason why I have created my TalkShow and I feel that it is my Obligation to share what I know and that the lack of knowledge is Ignorance, for Nations have perished for the Lack of Knowledge.

Featuring Faith, Culture, & Life
Hosted by John Jay

My Newest Book

A Fathers Love..
Has been received and read by many people in all Faith Groups and Walks of Life, including Pope Francis from the Vatican in Rome, the USCCB, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan from St. Patricks Cathedral in New York.

Author of Inspiration and Motivation
New E-book & Audiobook available on Amazon.com Kindle, BarnesandNoble.com Nook, and iTunes. What started out as a journal in my own time of tribulation, I believed that all things will work our for the good. In my own Inspired words as well as the words Inspired to me from the Father. For God says; Take care of my things, and I will take care of your things. This book is an Inspiration for all people in their own lives, having a little Faith can go a long way. Faith is what drives me.

Thank You for Your Support
God Bless You Always

John Jude Nodar

Tan Talk Radio Network, 706 N. Myrtle Ave., Clearwater, FL 33755
Business Phone: (727) 441-3311 | Call-in Line: (727) 441-3000 | Email: lola@tantalk1340.com